Vision for Chicago Metamorphosis Orchestra Project


We, the directors of Chicago Metamorphosis Orchestra Project (ChiMOP), share a vision for the future of our city and its many diverse communities.  We strive to provide increased access to instrumental music in Chicago’s underserved communities and affect positive social change in young students and their families.  To achieve this, we provide social and educational initiatives in the form of multifaceted community youth orchestra projects in the city.  These projects are unique to the communities we serve and utilize parental and community feedback in their structure and organization. Special emphasis is placed on accessibility via unique approaches such as tuition-free enrollment, free instrument rentals, and frequent communication with parents and guardians.

We collaborate with after school program providers, local community activist organizations, local arts organizations, and professional symphony orchestras to provide our students with an intensive schedule filled with daily rehearsals, lessons, concerts, trips, games, and more.