String Instrument Repair

terry's_workshopThe ChiMOP Orchestra program at Mary Lyon, like most El Sistema inspired programs, has high demands for string instruments and string instrument repairs and maintenence. Many of Venezuela’s El Sistema programs employ in-house instrument repair staff who make sure that the instruments remain in good playing condition.

ChiMOP is incredibly fortunate to have a volunteer, Terrence Miles, who, of his own initiative, sought out a master string repair person with whom to study. Paul Wargaski, owner of Paul Wargaski Violins, in accordance with his dedication to educational outreach as evidenced by his work with SINEM in Costa Rica, has volunteered his talents and resources to training Terrence Miles in basic string set-up and repair. Together, Mr. Wargaski and Mr. Miles are reviewing ChiMOP’s string instruments one by one to make sure that they are producing the best sound possible. When Mr. Miles finishes his training with Mr. Wargaski he plans to set up a luthier workshop on site at Mary Lyon and eventually to begin training older students in string instrument repair.

To learn more about the work that Terrence is doing with string instrument repair and student interns please visit his website “String Wizards” at