ChiMOP curriculum is based on group instruction.  Our program is ensemble based, time intensive, focuses on social objectives, and prioritizes performance as a way to emphasize a disciplined work ethic and confidence in our students.  ChiMOP is considered an El Sistema inspired program, but is also influenced by traditional western music education practices.  Our directors have created a structure that takes the best practices from both traditions.

ChiMOP students spend between eight and fifteen hours before and after school playing music.  The majority of that time is spent in large ensemble classes such as symphony orchestra, string orchestra, wind ensemble, choir, and bucket band where students learn to play their instruments alongside experienced teaching artists who serve as coaches, mentors, and role models.  String, woodwind, brass, and percussion players all learn to play together and learn right from the start important orchestral skills such as transposing, listening, playing in all keys, and knowing their roles within the ensemble.  Students learn music theory, composition, improvisation, history, teamwork, and behavior control skills in all ChiMOP classes.