Instrument Care and Luthiery

In addition to having high demand for instrument repair and maintenance, we at ChiMOP believe that children should learn the value of all the craftsmanship and artistry that goes in to creating and maintaining the instruments they use every day. Many of Venezuela’s El Sistema programs employ in-house instrument repair staff who make sure that the instruments remain in good playing condition.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Springboard Foundation, ChiMOP was able to establish a luthier workshop at our MLYO program led by experienced string technician Stephanie Jurewicz. Stephanie keeps up with the demanding daily maintenance needs, handles most major repair issues in house, organizes all instrument and supply inventory, and works with a cohort of young students to teach them how to manage basic instrument care needs.

ChiMOP has been incredibly fortunate to partner with Terrence Miles, a talented volunteer amateur luthier. His is now the founder of his own project that teaches young musicians the art of luthiery. To learn more about the work that Terrence is doing with string instrument repair,  visit his website “String Wizards” at

We have also had the privilege to work closely with Paul Wargaski, owner of Paul Wargaski Violins.  In accordance with his dedication to educational outreach as evidenced by his work with SINEM in Costa Rica, Paul has volunteered his talents and resources to working with programs like ChiMOP on basic string set-up and repair.