Founded in 2013, The Chicago Metamorphosis Orchestra Project (ChiMOP) is dedicated to affecting positive social change in young students with limited access to the arts by providing a safe and fun environment to make music in pursuit of artistic excellence together with peers and role models.

ChiMOP el sistema programs are absolutely free to all participants. With commitment from parents and students, the participants are provided an instrument at no cost and access to daily after-school music instruction. Music instruction consists of youth orchestra training, group lesson instruction chamber music, elective opportunities, and plentiful social skill building. There are currently 60 students enrolled in our flagship Mary Lyon Youth Orchestra (MLYO) program in Chicago’s Belmont-Cragin neighborhood.

The MLYO student musicians perform dozens of concerts each academic year and gain access to ChiMOP partnerships with several organizations including The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Civic Orchestra of Chicago, The People’s Music School, Grant Park Festival Young Artist Showcase and so much more.

Other ChiMOP programs include the city wide Summer Youth Orchestra (SYO), an audition based, tuition-free advanced youth orchestra available to any Chicago middle school and high school instrumentalist. Attracting over 60 students from all across the city and suburbs, these students meet daily for three weeks of intense symphony orchestra rehearsals, sectionals coachings, and performances at various venues around the city as well as an annual tour.

The newest ChiMOP program is a youth orchestra in Humboldt Park. Currently in a workshop phase, full programming is expected to begin in Spring 2020. THanks to community partner San Lucas United Church of Christ for their beautiful building and generous collaboration.

Past programs have included partnerships with Decatur, Hamilton, and Scammon Elementary Schools. If you are interested in becoming a community partner, contact Thomas Madeja at thomas@chimop.org